A powerful IIoT data intelligence and predictive analytics platform, which uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning models to offer a 360 view of remote assets. Millions of data points are curated to sense anomalies and disruptions, predict performance, and achieve and sustain KPIs. The result is yield and performance improvement and cost-savings from the remote monitoring of assets across energy parks, facilities and geographies.

RETINA has received the USPTO patent (No. 10902368) in 2021 for Intelligent Decision Synchronization in real-time for both discrete and continuous process industries.

Ingests data from disparate sources

RETINA360’s advanced and competitive AI platform handles big data flows seamlessly. It ingests data from disparate sources such as unstructured data logs, manual recordings, and data silos through EAM, PLC, SCADA, IoT sensors, and other sources such as historians, energy meters, machines, field equipment, CNCS, lab equipment, MES, hand-held devices, GIS systems, ERP, BI systems and corporate performance management systems

Augmented analytics to explore data

RETINA360’s augmented analytics capabilities builds predictive models to identify performance, threats, failures and other disruptive patterns in complex and large datasets and populates all data discovery into visual dashboards.

Real-Time Integrated Analytics

RETINA360 is a composite technology system for integrated real-time analytics and decision support in real time for both discrete and continuous process industries. Its decision intelligence affects the performance and profitability of business operations and helps with actionable intelligence for CXOs, operations heads / plant heads, supervisors and managers.

Analyzes and curates critical data

Based on historic performance data, available resources, and other critical industry parameters, RETINA360’s ML and Deep Learning platform collects, validates, and curates asset data leveraging its intelligent asset analytics capabilities.

Predictive and decision intelligence

RETINA360’s data visualization tool predicts and intuits on asset availability, performance hiccups, asset outputs, and asset health, weather impacts etc. in real-time. The AI platform generates real-time decision intelligence notifications, alerts, and reports on KPIs, health degradations, productivity lapses, performance and demand forecasts.

Cloud-ready, high scalability, rapid deployment

Adaptive and seamless, RETINA360 is cloud-ready and allows many turnkey solutions to be built into its platform. RETINA360’s advanced AI architecture enables easy embedding of evolutionary algorithms and constraint optimization toolkits. Typical time period for deployment is between 6 to 8 weeks from the date of data availability.

RETINA360, a product of dt360 Inc. (part of the Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) Group), a global provider of digital transformation solutions in the areas of AI-powered Predictive Analytics, Digital Experience and Digital Supply Chain Management.

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